April | Maryland Maternity Photography

Pregnant, with a 6lb tumor.

This was such a special shoot with April, documenting her inspiring pregnancy. April contacted me with a vision to create meaningful images, focusing on her new scar that tells a remarkable story. I'll let April and her husband Semaj tell the full story over at April's blog As We Are. In short, on the day of her scheduled surgery to remove a 6lb tumor from her ovary that doctors had recently discovered, April felt the urge to take a pregnancy test and found out she was pregnant. She went through many health scares after that day, including not knowing if the baby would survive the pregnancy, and ultimately went through ovarian surgery while 4 months pregnant.

April wanted to turn her scar, representing a difficult and frightening time in her family's life, into something beautiful. Here's an excerpt from her blog:

“During my recovery I had a vision of taking photos of my scar in a very artistic way because although it’s a bit gruesome and traumatic, I wanted to turn it into something beautiful. This scar represents life and the threat of death. Between my surgery and unborn baby, I am both healing and growing simultaneously… What I’ve learned from this experience is that all women have scars that are either emotional, physical or both. Although difficult, we should embrace the healing process and we shouldn’t be ashamed of our scars. They’re part of who we are and when we release them we find freedom.”

I'm so grateful she chose me to be a part documenting her incredible story.